Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome to Write 365!

Hi! I'm Reyanna, and I thought I would make a plan to write a little something each day...

First off, I think Photo 365 is awesome! I am SO impressed by the people who can do it. Don't get me wrong, I love taking photos, but I just don't see myself taking one per day. I really LOVED the idea though.

Since I'm not doing Photo 365, I decided to try my own version of 365. I enjoy writing/journaling more than I do taking photos. I can do a page without photos any day! And I love blogging... and reading blogs.

So... Write 365. That's my plan. One sentence or thought per day. As easy as that. I may do more, but I plan to do at least ONE sentence. A thought that summed up the day. Something I learned. Something exciting that happened. A discovery made. Something. Something that is worth remembering. Because at the end of your day... there is *always* something worth remembering about your life...

... even if that "something" is the fact that you love watching movies all day long. LOL. Or that you realized that your favorite food is, in fact, not french fries... it's really chocolate cake. ;-)

I'll keep a small journal on my nightstand (I'll post a photo when I'm finished altering it!), so just in case I can't get to this blog, I can jot down a quick sentence before I drift off into dreamland. ;-) Then I'll just transfer all those thoughts here and change the date accordingly. :-)

And then at the end of each month, I could take all the sentences/thoughts (or my favorites) and create a layout. With one photo, two photos, more or none... I think it would be SO neat to see all of them at the end of the year!

So does anyone want to join me?! :-)