Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sleeping and Poms.

Today was SUCH a nice day, but I could barely enjoy it because I was so tired. I took three naps... meaning, I pretty much slept all day long. Save a bike ride and cuddling with the dogs next door, who escaped into our backyard...

They are so obnoxious when they're on their side of the fence, but once they came over to our side, they were SUCH sweeties! They wanted to cuddle and lick my face and sit on my lap and just be loved on. That made me feel kinda sad... like maybe they just don't enough of that at home, and that's why they're always trying to get over here.

This one, Charlie, LOVES me. LOVES me.

I told him to go home, so he did, and I went back inside. Then he came back to our back door and pawed at it like a crazy dog until I gave him some more lovin. LOL. Silly puppy.

Crazy day. LOL.

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